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Data View

The data view allows the data to be viewed and edited. This window opens automatically when a input file is opened. Once closed the window can be reopend using the keyboard shortcut, Cmd-D, or by selecting Data->Data View from the main menu.

While editing of taxon names and sequence states (character states) is allowed it is not meant to be a full fledged editor. In addition, changes are not automatically saved. Changes however, are refelected in the analysis.

The top of the window is adorned with a number of buttons for different tasks (these can also be accessed through the File and Data menus). The function of each should be self obvious and are covered elsewhere in the help documents.

  1. Deselect: Deselects anything selected in the data view window.
  2. Colors: Opens a window in which options for coloring of different character states. This applies only to the Data View and not to the Tree View which has its own color options.
  3. Save: Save the current state of the data to the original file. (Info...)
  4. Save As...: Save the current state of the data to a new file. (Info...)
  5. Export: Export the current state of the data in a new format to a new file. (Info...)

At the bottom of the window is displayed the path to the currently opened file.