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SIMMAP 1.5 is recommended for Intel Macs running OS X 10.5+. While the PPC architecture is no longer supported, the current version may run without problems if running OS X 10.5.

SIMMAP 1.5 is now available as a general use program. I am still performing tests to identify some minor memory leaks and potential performance bottlenecks. So far, my verification of the behavior of the program on OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) has been excellent. If you have any questions or bugs please contact:

SIMMAP 1.5.2 for Mac OSX (Build 21072010)
Updated on 21 July 2010

*** Download SIMMAP 1.5 ***
Filename: Size: 1.8MB

Nex2Xml for Mac OSX (Build 12082009)
Current in all Builds after 10112009

Nex2Xml is a utility for converting Nexus data and tree files and a parameter file to the Xml format used by SIMMAP 1.5. The included software is available in the SIMMAP 1.5 download distribution above. If changes are made to Nex2Xml the SIMMAP 1.5 download distribution above will be updated to reflect this.