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Export Trees

SIMMAP 1.5 provides some primitive support for exporting the trees that have been read into memory to a new file. This is likely to be only useful to those who would like to recover a Nexus file of the trees, a Nexus file of trees in which new branch lengths have been applied, and those wishing a Phylip formatted tree file.

Two export formats are supported:

  1. Nexus
  2. Phylip

To export trees select Trees->Export Trees.... This will open the following window

Select the desired format and the select the Export button and a save file dialog window will be displayed allowing the location and file name to be defined. Alternatively, select Cancel to stop the requested action.

If selecting the Nexus format the exported file will have a translate block. If the Phylip format is selected the trees will use the taxon labels in place of the translate numbers.