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Analysis (Selection)
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Analysis (ASR)


SIMMAP 1.5 is distributed as a zip archive. To install the software simply double-click the archive and move the uncompressed folder to the Applications/ or a location of your choosing.

The distribution has the following contents:

  1. A build identifier file - this identifies the distribution build (Build ddmmyyyy.rtf)
  2. The SIMMAP Software license (License.rtf)
  3. A folder containing the Nex2Xml file converter (Nex2Xml Folder/)
  4. A folder containing an R script to analyze the outputs of the MCMC prior analysis (Priors/)
  5. A read me file (ReadMe.rtf)
  6. A folder containing sample files (Sample Files/)

Before using SIMMAP 1.5 please read the software License here.