1: Basics
2: Mutational Analysis
3: Correlation
4: Positive Selection
5: Ancestral States
6: Morphology Priors


Five tutorials are available and can be accessed by selecting an option from the menu at the left. Each of the tutorials use the included sample files. In general, the tutorials use morphological/standard characters as these types of analyses are somewhat more complicated to configure. However, using these tutorials and Documentation that covers all of the features performing a molecular analysis should be fairly easy to figure out.

If you are new to this version of SIMMAP 1.5 you may wish to start with the Basics tutorial (which isn't really a tutorial but a familiarization introduction) and take a brief look around the Documentation.

WARNING: Please note the tutorials are designed to show how to use SIMMAP 1.5 and the settings used are NOT recomendations on specific settings to be used in your analyses.