It takes more than one person to produce a piece of software that is useful to a wide number of people. I believe this to be particularly true of scientific software. Writing the first version of SIMMAP has been a challenge and a learning experience; problems, bugs and all! The joy in writing software lays not simply in accomplishing the task but in the satisfaction that you have provided something valuable to a set of users. As a scientist this comes in the form of citations and feedback from users. The first is gratifying but the second is the true reward; feedback helps fix problems, motivates new developments, and has inspired me to explore the scientific possibilities of SIMMAP and the method of mutational mapping - ancestral history reconstruction (AHR) as I like to call it. The development of SIMMAP has benefited immensely from user feedback and has led to the new version, SIMMAP 2.

I would like to thank the following individuals for their feedback (apologies to any that have been omitted):

Ingi Agnarsson
Mihai Albu
Louis-Daniel Aubin-Fournier
Andrea Betancourt
Thomas Buckley
Rose Carlson
Thomas L.P. Couvreur
Ross Crozier
Jeff DaCosta
Christopher Drummond
Stefan Ekman
Ben J. Evans
Kirsten Fisher
Richard E. Glor
Dietrich Gotzek
Boris Igic
Bart Jacobs
Cynthia Jones
Ryan Jones
Paul Lewis
Diego Bustamante Mauro
Mark Miller
Brian R. Moore
Johan A. A. Nylander
David Plachetzki
Sean Rands
Susanne Renner
Michael S. Robeson II
Kim Roelants
Kevin Rowe
Marie-Stephanie Samain
Risa Sargent
Conrad Schoch
Sarah Smith
Leslie Turner
Richard Winkworth
Gustavo Ybazeta

A couple of people deserve special notice for their feedback and correspondence:

Thomas L.P. Couvreur - I would like to thank Thomas Couvreur for focusing my atten- tion on the use of prior distributions when analyzing morphological data.

Ross Crozier - I am deeply indebted to Ross Crozier. His correspondence has been educational, enlightening, and challenging.

I would also like to thank the many other individuals that provided feedback through the bug reporting system in SIMMAP.

Finally, I would like to thank John P. Huelsenbeck whose suggestion it was that I write a program for displaying mutational maps. He provided support, advice and inspiration throughout the development of SIMMAP.

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Page Last Updated: 6 August 2008