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Introduction to SIMMAP Help Documents

The Help Documents of SIMMAP is divided into twenty-seven sections. Throughout the Help Documents a number things are useful to aid in web site navigation and the use of the SIMMAP software. When physical components of the program (e.g., a button, table, etc.) are referred to in the Help Documents they are shown in bold and teletype font (looks like typewrite font, for those of you who have ever used a typewriter). For example, the window displaying the data matrix is called the "Data View" and is displayed in the text as, DataView. Hyper-links are generally shown in BLUE and underlined.

This manual can be found in two places, one of which you are already accessing: (1) SIMMAP's built in Help Viewer, and (2) www.simmap.com. The most current documents are found online at the website.

Search the Help Documents

All of the documents on this website can be searched using a keyword(s). To access the search page select Search from the Main Menu popup button (top right of the page). The search engine allows whole word that are case sensitive, an optional boolean operator (+), and to sort the results, among a number of other options. The hope is that this will aid users in finding specific information on the website rapidly and effeciently. Tips on how to do searches can be accessed on the search page by selecting Tips.

Software Built-in Help Access

Many of SIMMAP's windows feature a Help documents button (see image below). This button will open the SIMMAP Help Viewer to the Help documents page containing the help info related to the features available (or related with) in the open window that help was requested from.

Image of Help Button -

Need additional help? or Would you like to see additional help topics covered?

If you need additional help using the SIMMAP software or you think it would useful to have additional help pages available here then all you need to do is contact me and I will get back to you regarding your request. Generally, I will respond to queries and requests withing 48 hours. If I haven't responded within a week please try again. To contact me go to the contact the author page.
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